Why choosing OKLES

OKLES Sellier has revisited the traditional art of the saddle making. With the evolution of the sport horses, the art of saddlery needed to step out of the tradition to be more adapted to the modern horse’s back.
This is OKLES.

OKLES is the perfect equation between the seat, the flap and the positioning of the hook bar for the best balance yet for a rider in a saddle. New design of a high quality, proven, traditional tree in addition to the best materials possible that will combine efficiency and durability. The tree design eliminates the pressure points normally caused by the tips of the tree, even when the rider stands in two points. Different fitting approach for the horse, lighter saddle and accessories to optimize performances.

The OKLES exclusive tree

The tree is made of laminated beech wood and has been reinforced with steel bars where the most pressure is experienced, particularly on the head where the greatest pressure is performed. This traditional tree is reputed to be the highest quality of all existing ones, as the beech wood combined to the complex technique involved in the fabrication of this type of tree, will allow some flexibility to it while it won’t break. This flexibility adds to the comfort and performance of the horse. It also increases durability as it reduces the stress on the tree. This tree is 1 to 1.5 cm wider, from one tip to the other, compared to the regular measurements proposed by the other brands. Therefore, there is no more pressure points caused by the tips of the tree at the base of the wither, nor pinching. The tree size has been standardized and the fitting for the horse is being performed through the different thickness of the panels.

Technicity – Performance – Sobriety

OKLES saddles are mounted on ergonomic integrated panels made of latex and memory foam. The meaning of integrated panels is that the sweat flap is directly stitched on the panel for a closer contact. There is no more screwing or lacing system on the panels, which results in an increased flexibility of the panels and a maximum freedom of the scapula bone and the shoulder muscles. The wider panels offer a greater surface of contact to reduce pressure points and are sculpted to sit flawlessly on the horse’s back while keeping a good balance.

  • The gullet is wider to give room to the large spine of the modern warmbloods.
  • The pockets where the tips of the tree are inserted are made of grained leather to increase solidity and durability.
  • The V shape girthing system is wider in order to have a larger surface of contact on the tree and reduce pressure points once the girth is tightened. It also provides greater stability.
  • The sweat flap has been cut to offer closer contact on the horse’s belly. There is only the regular flap touching the horse under the calf of the rider.
  • The hook bars are slightly open to reduce pressure points on the tree and to ease the adjustments of stirrups once the girth is tightened.
  • A gusset was made on purpose to allow the stirrup leather’s buckle to lay flat under the skirt. There is also a 5mm memory foam added on the skirt for the rider’s comfort.
  • The stirrup leather keeper has been shaped to facilitate use.
  • The wide seat offers great comfort and increases lateral stability while the twist remains narrow.
  • All leather pieces are digitally cut, there is no margin for error, and this leads to a particularly attractive finish. OKLES only uses the finest French bull calf leather or cowhide grained leather. These leathers are supple, resistant and grippy.

Our Products


  • Semi-deep seat, on the center of gravity, leg positioned at the girth.
  • Close contact.
  • Can be made in grained cowhide or doublee bull-calf leather.


  • Deep seat
  • Close to the center of gravity
  • Supports lower-back muscles.
  • Shoulder/hip/heel alignment.
  • Close contact.
  • Can be made in grained cowhide or doublee bull-calf leather.

OKLES saddles fit an impressive range of horses in the standard fit.

We can also customize everything from the seat to the flaps, panels, thigh blocks, everything can be adapted to produce the perfect saddle for you. And of course, make it unique choosing color, stitching, piping and logo!


I. LOVE. IT. For sure a unique saddle, nothing out there is even close to this. Never felt my horses move and jump like this. They are so flexible and free in the shoulders.

Thibault Lacrevaz, France

Vice-Champion YR in France 2016, GP 3* rider

OKLES saddles are very balanced saddles with a thin layer between your leg and the horse. There is a lot of flexibility in the shoulder area for the horses to jump and they sit great on multiple kinds of horses.

Dustin Durham, USA

GP rider and trainer

These saddles are amazing, they fit all my horses in the barn. The balance is literally perfect. The saddle puts you in the right position and makes your riding almost effortless. I love my OKLES!”

Samantha Mackenzie, Canada

GP and Young Horse CSI 2* rider

I love this saddle. I never really cared about what saddle I was riding in until I tried an OKLES. I never want to ride in anything else. The balance is perfect, and the horses are so flexible in these saddles.

Lincoln Russell, USA

GP rider

A reference point for the pelvis and for a perfect leg position. An opening for the wither and shoulders creating ease of movement with an accurate fit. All this to create contact and lightness at the same time which gives this product an unquestionable quality.

Romain Dreyfus, France

U25 and GP 4* rider

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